Nothing beats Personalization.

Give your brand the unique feel it deserves through unique engagement channels.

Trusted by over 70,000+ brands

More than one way to engage.

Build engagement using creative channels like personalized images, emails, and automation.

Send emails your audience love

Design and send creative emails that lead to conversion and other brand actions.

Make every member of your audience special

Engage your audience. For your brand campaigns, events, contests, etc, your audience can create personalised images.

Automate your work overflow

Make your work less cumbersome. Automate your audience engagement and marketing goals so you can focus on your business.

Personalized image for audience you love.

Generate personalized images for your audience in any of the different ways

Image Campaign

Create beautiful,
on-brand campaigns

Create a campaign where your audience get a link to generate personalised images ranging from badges, certificates, etc, and share them across social channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of others.

Batch Job

Increase outputs not the workload

Generate images using any of your audience list or a CSV upload and have the images downloaded as a Zip file.


Generate via workflow auto-delivered

Generate an image and have it delivered to your audience.


Call our API, we generate for you

Call our backend and we generate the image and send it back to you.

Discover templates to get you started

Inbranded makes it easy for you to create in-brand image, email campaigns. Get started with ready-made templates

Unique builders for a unique experience

Create unique designs, emails and workflow using our best-in-class builders

Design builder

Your No 1. Tool- The Design-Builder. A functional, accessible and universal builder that serves you right.


Customise your images into different shapes to make your designs more appealing to your audience.


Basic elements of a design, input components become placeholders for final content.

Layers and Transparency

Customise the opacity of components from fully opaque to fully transparent.

QR Code

Use QR Code for URL, ticket ID, URLs that you want rendered as a QR Code drive actions.


50+ fonts from Space Grotesk, Libre Baskerville and more

Email builder

Best in class for designing beautiful and engaging emails.


Basic elements of an email, up to 9 different block types from text, images, buttons, social links etc.

Full customization

Customize text, buttons and other elements to give your email a unique feel.

Instant preview

Preview your email on desktop or mobile screen sizes.

Send test

Send emails as a test to yourself or others to see how they render on email clients.

Image search

Add images from Unsplash, Gifs from Giphy.

Workflow builder

No 1 tool for building sophisticated workflows.

Ease of use

Build sophisticated workflows with a builder made to be easy for you.

Multiple triggers

Customize how your workflow gets triggered; Ad audience is added to your account, An audience is added to a segment, It is your audience birthday.

Complex conditions

Add conditions, match all or match any

Send test

Send emails as a test to yourself or others to see how they render on email clients.

Different actions

Perform actions like Send email, call API, generate badges fro your audience.

It is harder and harder to reach the customer, so a combination of push notifications and text messages, works so much better. We have been testing it against email only, and email plus text and push gives us a much higher turnaround.

Communication reimagined

Communicate to your audience via emails, either as a campaign, as a follow-up or in a workflow.

Email campaign

Send beautiful emails to your entire audience list or a segment of your audience and watch as it converts.

Email sequence

Automate follow-ups to your audience that open/click/do not open/do not click your emails.

Email in workflow

Send emails to your audience as part of a larger audience journey in a workflow.

Unique actions in automations

Perform a wide range of actions from sending email, delivering a badge, notifying your team on slack, calling external APIs.

Send emails

Send emails to your audience as they progress through the workflow.

Generate and deliver a badge

Generate badges for your audience and have it delivered to their mailbox.

Call external API

Call your backend or an external API to perform audience related actions directly from your workflow.

Add delays

Delay actions or steps in your sales funnel, lead conversion, etc, for days until certain criteria have been met.

Simple pricing, unmatched value

We have simplified our pricing to credit-based billing to enable you to pay only for what you need.

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