Build your brand, engage your audience

Build a focused audience by engaging them through tools that keeps them always interested.

Use Inbranded to grow your Brand

From acquiring new leads through unique campaigns to reaching them through automations, Inbranded provides you with the tools to make the most of every lead, converting them from just an impression to active and engaged users


Put your audience at the heart of everything you do, grow them and use their insights to make smarter decisions on campaigns.

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Create innovative campaigns to build awareness, leads, or other strategic brand goals. Campaign types include Image, Contest, Survey, Email, and many more.

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Automate a series of actions based on events or trends. Example is to generate a personalized badge whenever a new audience is added and deliver to their email.

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Automation is the new Gold

Perform the right action with the right content at the right moment without the extra effort. Set up interesting automations like:

  • When new audience is added, generate a personalized badge and deliver to their email with a personalized message
  • On my audience birthday, generate a birthday badge for them and send to their email, also notify me on Slack
  • On every campaign response, serialize the data and put it on Google Sheets
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For Brands of all Sizes

From SMEs to established brands, Inbranded remains committed to providing the best tools to build your brand and engage your users.

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