Automate your audience engagement.

Automate your engagement process, escape operational hell, streamline your business operations, and achieve great conversions and customer experiences that usually costs millions of dollars for 1/20th of the price.

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Automate across a wide range of usecases and industries

Sophisticated workflows built with an intuitive builder.

Workflow builder

No 1 tool for building sophisticated workflows.

Ease of use

Build sophisticated workflows with a builder made to be easy for you.

Multiple triggers

Customize how your workflow gets triggered; Ad audience is added to your account, An audience is added to a segment, It is your audience birthday.

Complex conditions

Add conditions, match all or match any

Send test

Send emails as a test to yourself or others to see how they render on email clients.

Different actions

Perform actions like Send email, call API, generate badges fro your audience.

Unique actions in automations

Perform a wide range of actions from sending email, delivering a badge, notifying your team on slack, calling external APIs.

Send emails

Create a campaign where your audience get a link to generate personalised images ranging from badges, certificates, etc, and share them across social channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of others.

Generate and deliver a badge

Generate images using any of your audience list or a CSV upload and have the images downloaded as a Zip file.

Call external API

Generate an image and have it delivered to your audience.

Add delays

Call our backend and we generate the image and send it back to you.

Send slack messages

Notify your team on slack when something happens.

Workflow is in early access

Workflow is in early access and would launch in beta in the next few months, signup to get early access to the feature and be part of the people to shape the product.

Don’t worry, we won’t request credit card.

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